News and Public Affairs

Title: Hospital opens bank to store breast milk for mothers in need Runtimes: 00:03:43 Station: NJTV Description: Doctors stress that a milk bank is that safest way to receive milk. Type: Segment
Title: How permeable concrete can reduce heat, improve drainage Runtimes: 00:02:45 Station: NJTV Description: Professors say the permeable products could lead to cooler roadways, walkways and cities. Type: Segment
Title: Farming Kelp Runtimes: 00:03:45 Station: KPBS Description: San Diego is farming kelp to satisfy the taste for seaweed. Type: Segment
Title: This wristband can measure cells. How can it help you? Runtimes: 00:03:01 Station: NJTV Description: The gadget can measure cellular properties and can save trips to the lab. Type: Segment
Title: Students learn about researching life on other planets Runtimes: 00:03:05 Station: NJTV Description: Rutgers scientists shared scientific research about the search for life in the universe. Type: Segment
Title: Program aims to fill demand for automotive technician jobs Runtimes: 00:02:25 Station: NJTV Description: Race to 2026 partners with local technical training schools to offer opportunities. Type: Segment
Title: Separating myth from science in the 'Chemistry of Cuisine' Runtimes: 00:02:40 Station: NJTV Description: William Paterson University chemistry professors discussed the chemistry behind food. Type: Segment
Title: Medical Marijuana - "Feel No Pain" Runtimes: 00:05:25 Station: WTTW Description: Marijuana is marketed as a medicine; WTTW News explores the plants' promise, and pitfalls. Type: Segment
Title: Atlantic City program allows youth to expunge records Runtimes: 00:02:43 Station: NJTV Description: A youth diversionary arts program gives teens an opportunity to work on murals. Type: Segment
Title: Pedestrian safety campaign kicks off down the shore Runtimes: 00:03:42 Station: NJTV Description: The pedestrian fatality rate in New Jersey is nearly double the national average. Type: Segment