Title: The Right to Light Up in New York Runtimes: 00:09:18 Station: WLIW | MetroFocus Description: We have the details on an important conference that begins today about marijuana legalization in New York. Type: Segment
Title: Pot & The Tri-State Runtimes: 00:06:08 Station: WLIW | MetroFocus Description: Is recreational marijuana coming soon? Steve Adubato, host of “One on One with Steve Adubato,” and author of “Lessons in Leadership” joins us with the details. Type: Segment
Title: Ventura's Cannabis Crusade Runtimes: 00:06:07 Station: WLIW | MetroFocus Description: Former wrestler-turned-Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura makes the case for marijuana legalization. Type: Segment
Title: Bronx Borough President Exclusive Runtimes: 00:08:37 Station: WLIW | MetroFocus Description: In a MetroFocus Exclusive, Bronx Borough President Rubén Díaz Jr. will weigh in on criminal justice reform, the fallout of closing Rikers Island, and a potential run for City Hall. Type: Segment
Title: Pallone unveils series of bills aimed at lowering drug costs Runtimes: 00:02:29 Station: NJTV Description: Pallone is pushing seven bills that would make generics more available. Type: Segment
Title: 9/11 Responders Need Help Runtimes: 00:18:09 Station: WLIW | MetroFocus Description: In wake of 9/11 terrorist attacks, many first responders, now living in all 50 states, came down with 9/11 cancers. Now, funding meant to help them is running out. Type: Segment
Title: NJ builds on film tax credits with bonus incentives Runtimes: 00:03:03 Station: NJTV Description: The film tax credit is now booming with a new credit to incentivize diversity. Type: Segment
Title: NJ commission works toward 'complete count' for 2020 census Runtimes: 00:03:03 Station: NJTV Description: At stake is over $20 billion in federal funding for New Jersey. Type: Segment
Title: How football helped develop Cory Booker as a public servant Runtimes: 00:07:37 Station: NJTV Description: Booker speaks about how football impacted his life and political career. Type: Segment
Title: Booker's Presidential Bid Runtimes: 00:16:52 Station: WLIW | MetroFocus Description: New Jersey Senator Cory Booker has officially thrown his hat in the ring for a Presidential run in 20-20. Type: Segment