The Big Picture - Mister Army


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"THE BIG PICTURE" pays tribute to the Army's recruiting sergeants -- In this second release of the new fall season, THE BIG PICTURE presents the long-awaited recruiting story, "Mister Army."
From across the United States has come rich detail that has developed into a theme: the career soldier-recruiter who knows and loves the Service is the ideal man for helping the younger generation begin its military career with the right foot forward. "Mister Army" is a story about a man who, with one name or another, is to be found in almost every city and town in the United States. He is for millions of Americans their first contact with military service -- a man who has launched some of the most famous military careers in our nation's history. Filmed on location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Denver, Colorado; Blackfoot, Idaho; San Francisco, California; San Antonio, Texas; and New York City, "Mister Army" is a skillfully filmed documentary with an eye for detail, and ear for sound, and compassionate sensitivity for the little things.


Title: The Big Picture - Mister Army

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Original Broadcast/Publish Date: 01/01/1974

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