CYBR 001103 A Murky Mystery in Mermaidos


Digit is going on his annual visit to Mermaidos, an underwater paradise, to visit Eugene, one of his best friends in the whole cyber-world. But when Digit arrives, something is wrong. Mermaidos is murky and warm and the fish are leaving in droves. Feeling terrible for his pal Eugene, Digit calls in the CyberSquad to help. What could be heating the water and making it uninhabitable for the Mermaidians? And can they stop whatever – or whoever – it is before all the Mermaidians need to leave their home?

Topic(s): Thermal Water Pollution, Temperature Measurement, Data Collection & Representation

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Title: CYBR 001103 A Murky Mystery in Mermaidos

Format: Video

Clean of Graphics: No

Type: Full Program

Theme(s): Environment

Public Broadcasting Station or Institution: Thirteen

Original Broadcast/Publish Date: 12/27/2017

Runtime: 00:28:46

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Language: English


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