Title: Hollis Garden Runtimes: 00:05:59 Station: WEDU Description: Spending time in a garden is like stepping into a beautiful work of art. Visit Lakeland, Florida, to explore the urban oasis of Hollis Garden.Type: Segment
Title: The Sarasota Experience Runtimes: 00:06:39 Station: WEDU Description: The story of Sarasota is the story of America. Go behind the scenes of "The Sarasota Experience," a documentary exploring the evolution of community and what the future might hold for this arts and culture hub.Type: Segment
Title: Stageworks Theatre Runtimes: 00:06:29 Station: WEDU Description: Tampa's Stageworks Theatre celebrates its ruby anniversary. Since that first performance in 1983, the theatre has maintained its vision to eradicate intolerance through performing arts and educational programs. Take a journey with us to experience art impacting social justice and social change.Type: Segment
Title: Akron Art Museum spotlights Keith Haring’s rise in the ‘80s and activism Runtimes: 00:06:06 Station: WVIZ ideastream Description: At the Akron Art Museum, “Keith Haring: Against All Odds” showcases how a young artist from Pennsylvania made his mark on the contemporary art scene in New York during the 1980s. The exhibit also highlights Haring’s activism through art, which continues today through grants from his foundation.Type: Segment
Title: Students gain arts industry experience in Kaboom Collective Runtimes: 00:07:01 Station: WVIZ ideastream Description: Young creatives ages 15 to 25 are working on Hollywood-style recording projects as members of Northeast Ohio's Kaboom Collective. Students work with a variety of industry professionals in the arts, from musical composition to script writing to digital animation. But at the collective's center is its studio orchestra led by Kaboom Collective Co-Founder and Cleveland Arts Prize winner Liza Grossman.Type: Segment
Title: Ahol Sniffs Glue & Geographies of Trash Runtimes: 00:18:29 Station: WPBT South Florida PBS Description: Born and raised in the 305, artist Ahol Sniffs Glue is creating community and cleaning up the streets of Miami one piece of trash at a time. Learn about the evolution of his project “Geographies of Trash.”Type: Segment
Title: Violinist & Multidisciplinary Artist, Muzelle Runtimes: 00:03:30 Station: WPBT South Florida PBS Description: We meet violinist and interdisciplinary artist Muzelle who’s melding classical training with modern, soulful performances. And learn how she thrives on collaboration with other artists.Type: Segment
Title: The Rafael Soriano Foundation Runtimes: 00:07:41 Station: WPBT South Florida PBS Description: Revisit the life and career of a legendary Miami painter through the eyes of his daughter. Hortensia Soriano invites us into the archives of the Rafael Soriano Foundation. Her father’s last works are the focus of a new show at LnS Gallery and offer a breathtaking study in color. Type: Segment
Title: Darius V. Daughtry: Broward's Arts Maven Runtimes: 00:06:07 Station: WPBT South Florida PBS Description: Darius Daughtry: Broward’s Arts Maven. Daughtry is an arts force in Broward County, supporting performers, teaching, writing plays and poetry. Get a look at his latest play, “A Theatrical Mixtape, Volume IV: Black Like He,” and what’s next for his initiative, the Art Prevails Project.Type: Segment
Title: Anthony "Tony" Manfredi, Singer-Songwriter Runtimes: 00:03:44 Station: WPBT South Florida PBS Description: Living the flip flop and pop top life in the Florida Keys is a dream for many. We meet singer and songwriter Tony Manfredi and see how he’s carrying on a strong tradition of Keys inspired music.Type: Segment