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Title: Byron May Runtimes: 00:06:27 Station: LOUISIANA PUBLIC BROADCASTING Description: Byron May has worked with a company to create a paint that sticks to stainless steel. He is able to maneuver the paint to get it to blend, or maintain the true, original color.Type: Segment
Title: Vitus Shell Runtimes: 00:06:13 Station: LOUISIANA PUBLIC BROADCASTING Description: Vitus Shell is a young African American painter who grew up in the projects. HE IS USING THAT EXPERIENCE TO SHOWCASE OTHERS WHO LIVED A SIMILAR LIFESTYLE.Type: Segment
Title: A forgotten children's book by Langston Hughes and Elmer W. Brown emerges in Cleveland Runtimes: 00:07:03 Station: WVIZ ideastream Description: Poetry by Langston Hughes and illustrations by Cleveland artist Elmer W. Brown inspire a new exhibit, curated by students.Type: Segment
Title: Western Reserve Post Card Society Runtimes: 00:06:55 Station: WVIZ ideastream Description: Wish you were here! A group of Northeast Ohio collectors shares a love of history… and postcards.Type: Segment
Title: Leslie Charleville Runtimes: 00:05:40 Station: LOUISIANA PUBLIC BROADCASTING Description: Leslie Charleville attains prints of mostly marine life through an old Japanese technique called gyotaku or fish rubbing, painting the specimen and then rubbing the canvas over it to get a print.Type: Segment
Title: Marilyn Shaker's painting brings her closer with her daughters Runtimes: 00:06:25 Station: WVIZ ideastream Description: Marilyn Shaker, 83, of North Royalton, Ohio is an oil painter specializing in florals. She was estranged from her daughter Pamela Shaker-Maurer for two decades before they reconciled, sharing a deep faith and love for art. Along with Pamela's sister, Kimberly Szpak, the three women now share Marilyn's paintings at galleries and shows across Northeast Ohio and beyond.Type: Segment