Feed 603

Feed Date: 9/16/19, Intended Air Week: 10/14/19

Title: SciTech Now #603 Runtimes: 00:26:46 Station: WLIW Description: In this episode of SciTech Now, the first woman dean of New York University's Tandon School of Engineering, the search for life on other planets, the science of the sleeping lemur and strategies for a zero waste footprint. Type: Full Program
Title: Jelena Kovacevic Runtimes: 00:07:47 Station: WLIW Description: In this segment, Jelena Kovačević, the first woman Dean of New York University's Tandon school of Engineering, joins Hari Sreenivasan in a discussion. Type: Segment
Title: Students learn about researching life on other planets Runtimes: 00:02:57 Station: NJTV Description: Rutgers scientists shared scientific research about the search for life in the universe. Type: Segment
Title: Sleeping Cuties: The Hibernation Habits of Dwarf Lemurs Runtimes: 00:05:54 Station: Science Friday Description: Researchers try to determine the biological mechanisms that enable the fat-tailed dwarf lemur to hibernate for six months at a time. Figuring this out could lead to innovations in our world. Type: Segment
Title: Zero Waste Runtimes: 00:04:44 Station: WTTW Description: Zero-Waste Advocate Shares Strategies for Reducing Trash Type: Segment
Title: Documents for Feed 603 Runtimes: 00:26:46 Station: WLIW Description: Documents for Feed 603 Type: Documents