Feed 604

Title: SciTech Now #604 Runtimes: 00:26:46 Station: WLIW Description: In this episode of SciTech Now, launching a mission to Saturn’s largest moon, delivering the water we drink, an online platform helps keep students in school and the mind of the octopus. Type: Full Program
Title: Dave Mosher: Dragonfly Runtimes: 00:06:12 Station: WLIW Description: Dave Mosher, Senior Correspondent for Space, Science, and Technology at Business Insider, joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss Dragonfly, a drone like spacecraft that is going to travel to Titan, the largest of Saturn's moons. Type: Segment
Title: Delivering the Water We Drink Runtimes: 00:03:36 Station: DPTV Description: Detroit Public Television's Great Lakes Bureau gives a firsthand look at how clean water and new pipes are starting to resolve the Flint Water Crisis. Type: Segment
Title: Success on Upswing: Platform Helps Students Stay in School Runtimes: 00:05:13 Station: KLRU Description: Using an online platform and virtual assistant designed to address the struggles of first year and nontraditional students, Upswing is helping students make it to college graduation. Type: Segment
Title: The Distributed Mind Runtimes: 00:06:31 Station: Science Friday Description: Researchers in Behavioral Neuroscience and Astrobiology are studying the mind of the octopus to understand how different kinds of brains process information. Type: Segment
Title: Documents for Feed 604 Runtimes: 00:26:46 Station: WLIW Description: Documents for Feed 604 Type: Documents