Feed 605

Title: SciTech Now #605 Runtimes: 00:26:46 Station: WLIW Description: In this episode of SciTech Now, the periodic table of elements as a podcast, fostering next generation sustainability, the science of surf forecasting and the quest to unlock fusion energy. Type: Full Program
Title: Thomas Appleton: The Episodic Table of Elements Runtimes: 00:03:51 Station: WLIW Description: Thomas Appleton, host of the podcast The Episodic Table of Elements, joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss the periodic table of elements and the stories behind the elements. Type: Segment
Title: Student club affects the campus and community climate by promoting sustainability measures Runtimes: 00:04:23 Station: WETA | PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs Description: Students from Canyon High School in Santa Clarita, California are working towards environmental sustainability, organizing community trash pickups and trying to shift the culture for the next generation. Type: Segment
Title: Surf Forecasting Is Part Of Walter Munk’s Legacy Runtimes: 00:03:33 Station: KPBS Description: Every day, surfers benefit from research done decades ago by oceanographer and surf forecasting pioneer Walter Munk. Type: Segment
Title: Could a Jersey lab be the key to unlocking fusion energy? Runtimes: 00:08:00 Station: NJTV Description: Scientists have been working to unlock fusion energy for nearly 70 years. Now, a lab in New Jersey may be close. Type: Segment
Title: Documents for Feed 605 Runtimes: 00:26:46 Station: WLIW Description: Documents for Feed 605 Type: Documents