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Title: The Life Autistic Documentary Runtimes: 01:54:21 Station: Iowa PBS Description: Iowans with autism illustrate the nuances of The Life Autistic in this two-hour broadcast special. Host Tyler Leech, a member of Iowa’s community of people with autism, guides us through all twelve stories from the original Iowa PBS web series. Type: Full Program
Title: Special Olympics athletes switch to virtual competitions during coronavirus pandemic Runtimes: 00:04:52 Station: WXXI Description: The coronavirus pandemic has brought most sports to a halt this summer, including Special Olympics. But the athletes and their supporters have found a way around that... Type: Segment
Title: Market to Market: Alec Gotto: Cattleman Runtimes: 00:01:15 Station: Iowa PBS Description: Alec Gotto of Dyersville, Iowa, is a cattleman. When he was an infant, transverse myelitis robbed him of the ability to use his arms and legs. Now 14, Gotto has overcome the constraints of this illness to follow his passion of raising cattle. Type: Segment
Title: Iowa Ingredient: Raccoon Forks Farm (LONG) Runtimes: 00:04:35 Station: Iowa PBS Description: Iowa Ingredient visits Raccoon Forks Farms, a farm with a Community Supported Agriculture program outside of Redfield. This organization helps people with learning and mental disabilities by giving them employment through farming. Type: Segment
Title: Greetings From Iowa: Autumn Weaver (LONG) Runtimes: 00:13:25 Station: Iowa PBS Description: Born profoundly deaf, Autumn Weaver uses art, performance and self expression to connect with and advocate for members of her community all over the world. Type: Segment
Title: Coming Home: In the Shadow of Fairview Runtimes: 00:03:58 Station: Oregon Public Broadcasting Description: Remains of former residents of Oregon's state institutions are finally being claimed. Type: Segment
Title: People First: In the Shadow of Fairview Runtimes: 00:05:47 Station: Oregon Public Broadcasting Description: Fairview residents started a global self-advocacy movement called People First Type: Segment
Title: Life at Fairview: In the Shadow of Fairview Runtimes: 00:05:56 Station: Oregon Public Broadcasting Description: A look at what it was like to live at Fairview, Oregon's primary institution for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities Type: Segment
Title: Eugenics: In the Shadow of Fairview Runtimes: 00:03:58 Station: Oregon Public Broadcasting Description: Some Oregonians still suffer the consequences of forced sterilization as residents of Fairview Type: Segment
Title: Accessibility Now Runtimes: 00:23:46 Station: Iowa PBS Description: Told firsthand by Iowans with disabilities, this half-hour documentary examines how the Americans with Disabilities Act has helped improve their lives and how they continue to face barriers to equality. Type: Full Program