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Title: Pain Management During COVID-19 Runtimes: 00:01:00 Station: South Florida PBS Description: Some people suffering from chronic back pain may be reluctant to seek treatment during the pandemic. Doctors that specialize in treating back pain are still available to help you find relief. Type: Interstitial/Promo
Title: Ocean Acidification Runtimes: 00:08:08 Station: Rhode Island PBS Description: Adam from Save the Bay shows how climate change is affecting our oceans and the balance of life within it. Type: Segment
Title: Night Buggin' Runtimes: 00:06:03 Station: WCNY Public Media Description: Campers join Tom Meier, a naturalist with Baltimore Woods Nature Center, to search for bug life outside at night. Type: Segment
Title: Mobile Testing Labs Runtimes: 00:01:00 Station: South Florida PBS Description: Testing remains a crucial step in controlling the coronavirus. Mobile labs can help make testing available to more people. Type: Interstitial/Promo
Title: Market to Market: Alec Gotto: Cattleman Runtimes: 00:01:15 Station: Iowa PBS Description: Alec Gotto of Dyersville, Iowa, is a cattleman. When he was an infant, transverse myelitis robbed him of the ability to use his arms and legs. Now 14, Gotto has overcome the constraints of this illness to follow his passion of raising cattle. Type: Segment
Title: Making Face Masks Fun Runtimes: 00:01:00 Station: South Florida PBS Description: Some children may feel uneasy about masks, but parents can help make them comfortable and fun to wear. Type: Interstitial/Promo
Title: Iowa Ingredient: Raccoon Forks Farm (LONG) Runtimes: 00:04:35 Station: Iowa PBS Description: Iowa Ingredient visits Raccoon Forks Farms, a farm with a Community Supported Agriculture program outside of Redfield. This organization helps people with learning and mental disabilities by giving them employment through farming. Type: Segment
Title: Inactivity & Back Pain Runtimes: 00:01:00 Station: South Florida PBS Description: Staring at a computer screen for hours and not taking a moment to get up and stretch is not good for your health — and it’s hard on your back. Type: Interstitial/Promo
Title: Greetings From Iowa: Autumn Weaver (LONG) Runtimes: 00:13:25 Station: Iowa PBS Description: Born profoundly deaf, Autumn Weaver uses art, performance and self expression to connect with and advocate for members of her community all over the world. Type: Segment
Title: Going to the ER for Back Pain Runtimes: 00:01:00 Station: South Florida PBS Description: Back pain has not taken a break during the coronavirus pandemic. Find out when back pain requires urgent medical attention. Type: Interstitial/Promo