LATiNAS Season 2 Episode 6


On this episode of LATiNAS we celebrate Black History Month by hearing the melodic voice of Latina on the Rise - singer Sarah La Morena; correspondent Elena Romero introduces us to two Afro Latina designers - April Walker and Sandra Martinez & their fashion lines - Walker Wear and PiriTees; correspondent Judith Escalona talks to CUNY professor and award winning photojournalist Marisol Diaz Gordon about the lack of Latinx photographers; and, financial advisor Maria Angeles Bonany is back with her 2nd rule to becoming the JEFA of your money!

Plus dynamic video coach Sue Perez teaches us how to position our backgrounds for our next zoom meeting; on this months Caliente Caliente - we hear how some single ladies are dealing with dating during Covid; we meet lawyer Lyda Tyburec and learn about the trials and tribulations of being Latina and a lawyer; and, we meet this months Bad Ass Latina- CUNY professor Ana Lucia Fuentes. #WEPA

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