COVID Vaccines: Fact vs. Fiction


This one-hour virtual town hall, recorded on March 31, 2021, offered viewers around the country the opportunity to ask and get answers to their questions surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines, virus variants and CDC Guidelines.

South Florida PBS’ Health Channel is providing this special program as a national public service and as a follow-up to January’s vaccine town hall Covid Vaccines: Ask the Experts featuring Dr. Anthony S. Fauci. "COVID Vaccines, Fact vs. Fiction" is co-hosted by Dr. Michael Zinner, CEO and Executive Medical Director of the Miami Cancer Institute; and Health Channel host Olga Villaverde.

The panel of health and medical experts include:

• Dr. Eric Goosby, internationally recognized expert in infectious diseases and top policy maker in several presidential administrations.

• Dr. Helen Gayle, CEO of the Chicago Community Trust, one of the nation’s leading community foundations. Formerly with the CDC for more than 20 years, Dr. Gayle has continued her focus on global health and infectious disease prevention & control.

• Dr. Carlos del Rio, Executive Associate Dean of the Emory University School of Medicine and Professor of Global Health and Epidemiology. Dr. Del Rio works on emerging infections, epidemics, and pandemics.

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