From B.A.R. to P.O.W. - The Harold Frank Story


PFC Harold Frank according to 90th Division Historians is the last living survivor of D Day soldiers from CO G 2nd Battalion 357th Infantry. PFC Frank fought as a BAR Rifleman at Utah Beach on D-Day; subsequent battles in the Cotentin Peninsula, Cherbourg, Gourbsville, and Beau Coudray; the later led to his wounding, capture (July 7, 1944) and 10 months P.O.W status at Stalag IVB in Dresden / Klotzsche Air Field work camp. PFC Frank also survived the February 12, 1945 1000 plane bombing of Dresden and further air assaults on April 17, 1945 as well as an escape attempt. PFC Frank was reunited with General Patton’s 3rd Army on May 7th 1945 (VE Day). PFC Frank was awarded:

Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit and most recently, The North Carolina Order of the Long Leaf Pine (August 12, 2016).


Title: From B.A.R. to P.O.W. - The Harold Frank Story

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