Gas Tax


It is widely recognized that America’s aged bridges and roads are failing. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers latest Infrastructure Report Card, US infrastructure gets a low grade. Crumbling roads cost Americans billions in wasted fuel in 2014 according to the report, and many urban roads are in poor condition. While the federal government is dealing with the issue on a national scale, the governor in Ohio has charged a task force with the challenge of raising revenue and creating a plan to solve the problem. The group is specifically looking at raising gas taxes, which still generates substantial revenues. There, however, are serious concerns about depending on traditional fuel taxes when there is a revolution in vehicle technology. Automakers are abandoning 20th century technologies – namely the gasoline engine - and moving to the manufacture of hybrids and all-electric vehicles. As the percentage of alternative fueled vehicles increases, fuel-tax based revenues will decline, which will make a fuel tax part of the problem, not a solution. The package will examine the historical influences that have led to today’s infrastructure problems and the various innovative solutions being considered by local government.


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