Authors and Their Hometowns (Broadcast Ready with Embedded Captions)


From To Kill a Mockingbird to A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, authors from all eras have pulled from their hometown experiences to create great literature. Hosted by Meredith Vieira, this program explores how the hometowns of great authors have influenced their writing and their stories. Authors and Their Hometowns features interviews with local authors, librarians, and readers, and includes content from local stations across the country.

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Title: Authors and Their Hometowns (Broadcast Ready with Embedded Captions)

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Special Instructions: This is the broadcast-ready version of this program. To customize this program for your market, please see the Localizable version, also on Wavelength. “Authors and Their Hometowns” Mandatory Credit on all versions: Authors and Their Hometowns, the companion documentary to THE GREAT AMERICAN READ, is/was made possible in part by The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a grant from Anne Ray Foundation, and by contributions to your PBS station from Viewers like you. Thank you.

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