Advancements in Eyecare: Father-Son Team Restoring Sight


At the height of the pandemic, across most medical specialties, doctors noted a sharp drop in care as patients curbed nonessential visits and procedures out of the fear that a medical appointment could lead to the coronavirus infection. But it wasn’t just dramatic specialties like cancer or heart care that saw collateral damage from COVID. Opthalmology was hit the hardest of all. According to recent data, eye doctors experienced a nearly 80% drop in visits. And for some, that delayed care threatened to leave patients in the dark. Visits for cataracts plummeted 97% and encounters for glaucoma, which can cause blindness, were down 88%. Tonight, our Medical Marvels series spotlights Advancements in Eye Care and the father-son team working diligently to reverse the statistics and restore sight. Dr.’s Richard and RJ Mackool take us into the operating room at the Mackool Eye Institute.

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