LATiNAS Season 2 Episode 2


On this episode of LATiNAS, we hear from different political parties about the upcoming presidential election; we meet Jessica Gonzalez-Ramos a Latina running for a seat in the NYS assembly, host Tinabeth Piña chats with restauranteur - Nena Sierra on how she pivoted to keep her business afloat during the pandemic; correspondent Elena Romero talks to breast cancer survivor Emanda Acevedo and finds out what every Latina needs to know about the disease during breast cancer awareness month;Abi Ishola profiles Latina on the Rise Christine Amy and her successful instagram page Perreo Pandémico. Plus we get to know 2 Brujas from Brooklyn just in time for Halloween who are also CUNY professors and profile this months Bad Ass Latina - Sonia Sotomayor! #WEPA

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