Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg In Conversation (Without Embedded Captions, .SCC File Available)


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Brooklyn-born Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the second woman ever appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States. She is also the first Justice to become a global pop-culture icon, widely known as the Notorious RBG. A graduate of NYC’s public school system, Ginsburg was one of only nine female law students in her 500-person class at Harvard; she then became the first female law professor to receive tenure at Columbia University. A lifelong champion of human rights and gender equality, Ginsburg co-founded and served as director of the Women's Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union before being appointed to the Supreme Court by President Bill Clinton in 1993. She sits down with NPR legal correspondent Nina Totenberg for a wide-ranging conversation about her quarter century on the nation’s highest bench and her continuing commitment to principled dissent.

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Title: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg In Conversation (Without Embedded Captions, .SCC File Available)

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