Finding Hope: Managing the Mental Health Crisis Town Hall


Dealing with depression, anxiety and despair can be overwhelming.

Mental health issues affect both children and adults, people of all races and backgrounds. It has become a national tragedy with record numbers of drug overdose deaths and a skyrocketing suicide rate. But there is hope and help for those who are struggling.
May is Mental Health Awareness month and Finding Hope: Managing the Mental Health Crisis Town Hall showcases a panel of experts in addiction, mental health, and children’s issues who provide insight and offer practical advice to help viewers find the path forward to a place of peace and hope.

Moderated by Health Channel Host Olga Villaverde, experts include:
Montel Williams – Television Personality and Advocate for Veterans
Jeffrey Borenstein, M.D. – President & CEO of the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Eden Evins, M.D. – Director MGH Center for Addiction Medicine and Cox Family Associate and Professor of Psychiatry Harvard Medical School
Tina Carroll-Scott, M.D. – Medical Director of South Miami Children’s Clinic
Marisa Azaret, PsyD - Director of Clinical Psychology of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
Amy Morin – Licensed Psychotherapist & Editor-in-Chief of Verywell Mind

The town hall addresses topics such as advice for parents whose children are dealing with anxiety and depression; coping with the deaths of loved ones; life-saving treatments for those with addictions and substance use disorders; how effective is online mental health therapy via telemedicine; the beauty and value of animal therapy for both children and adults; suggestions for healthcare workers to avoid burnout; and practical advice for everyone about how find balance and peace.

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