The Life Autistic Collection


This extensive multi-platform project explores the lives of Iowans with Autism Spectrum Disorder—people of different ages and abilities who each have a unique story. By taking a close look at their diagnoses, treatments, family life and daily routines, viewers will gain an intimate understanding of the lives of people on the spectrum. And by hearing from experts and educators—including famed author and activist Temple Grandin—gain a better understanding of the many expressions of autism.

Unique stories from the web series are gathered together into The Life Autistic Collection, a 60-minute documentary that introduces viewers to Iowans on the spectrum, from the very young to the elderly, living the life autistic.

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Title: The Life Autistic Collection

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Public Broadcasting Station or Institution: Iowa PBS

Original Broadcast/Publish Date: 04/13/2020

Runtime: 00:57:51

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