Collision Course


The fatal police shooting of Anthony Jose "Chulo" Vega Cruz after a traffic stop in Wethersfield, Connecticut, gained national attention - from the incident itself, to the protests that followed, to the investigation. It also refocused attention on this one Hartford suburb's practice of pulling over black and brown drivers at disproportionately higher rates when compared to whites.

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Title: Collision Course

Format: Video

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Subject(s): News & Public Affairs

Public Broadcasting Station or Institution: Connecticut Public Television

Original Broadcast/Publish Date: 10/17/2019

Runtime: 00:27:54

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Sensitive Material: 4:55-5:07 Rude hand gesture in background photo, blurred. 13:54-14:16 Possible violence flag - Officer accosts a vehicle with gun drawn; no actual contact or shots fired. 18:18-19:01 This is the incident the documentary centers around; includes an intentional car crash, drawn weapons, and finally the fatal shooting in which the officer shoots into the front window of the car. 18:31-18:37 This when the shots are fired. (You do not see the victim, only the officer firing.) 23:30-24:23 Possible violence flag - Continued police standoff, weapons drawn, young woman restrained. 24:17 Language, "Show me your fucking hands." The curse word is bleeped.

Special Instructions: Content rating: TV-MA

Language: English


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