LATiNAS Season 1 Episode 6


On this episode of Latinas -- host Tinabeth Piña sits down with Albania Rosario and learns about uptown fashion week & its impact on Latinx Designers, Elena Romero explores AfroLatinidad with City College Professor Dr. Vanessa K. Valdes and Afro Latina expert Kim Haas, Judith Escalona gets the lowdown about the recent earthquakes to hit Puerto Rico from John Jay Professor Jodie Roure and Abi Ishola meets Honduras native, Maribel Lieberman and visits her gourmet chocolate store & factory -- MarieBelle!

Our Caliente Caliente features 3 Latinas talking about whether or not Latinas should be using the -N-word and you will meet Latina on the Rise -- romance novelist Alexis Daria!

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Title: LATiNAS Season 1 Episode 6

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