Your Mental Health During Covid-19 | Seniors and Isolation


WBFO welcomed Dr. Ursuline Bankhead, a psychologist working in geriatrics and with older adults at the VA WNY Healthcare Center. She answers questions and comments from older adults and their caregivers regarding the range of emotions this population is experiencing during this pandemic.

WBFO, Buffalo Toronto Public Media’s NPR Station, hosted weekly conversations about mental health during the COVID-19 crisis. Each week, “Your Mental Health during COVID-19” host Dave Debo, WBFO’s News Director, talked with a special guest about how this pandemic can affect mental health, providing tips, and advice along the way. Topics included anxiety, coping, isolation, and more.

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WBFO's Mental Health Initiative is funded by the Patrick P. Lee Foundation.


Title: Your Mental Health During Covid-19 | Seniors and Isolation

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