The Story of Us Graphics Package


This upload provides the necessary elements for customizing "The Story of Us."

Under Additional Assets- Audio, you will find all the raw music tracks used in the episode. This will allow you to add music to your customizable segments, while still keeping within the overall musical theme of the show. You will also find the music mix stem, showing the exact placement of the music within the episode.

Under Additional Assets- Other, you will find the following: Transition GFX - This is a single export of the episode transitions, in chronological order as they appear in the show, each graphic separated by 2 seconds of black. You will find the After Effects Project for creating custom lower 3rds, allowing you to recreate your own matching elements. You will find the textless end credit bed, for adding your local crew & talent to the roster, as well as the full production credit bed with text. You will find the official show open. Lastly, you will find 18 TT Commons font styles.

Under Additional Assets- Closed Captioning, you will find the .scc file.

You can find "The Story of Us" customizable full program, customization guide, and more by copying and pasting the following link in a new tab:

Additional Assets

All assets here are for worldwide distribution in all manner and media in perpetuity.


Title: The Story of Us Graphics Package

Format: Video

Clean of Graphics: No

Type: B-Roll

Subject(s): The Story of Us: American Portrait

Public Broadcasting Station or Institution: PBS

Original Broadcast/Publish Date: 09/25/2020

Runtime: 00:00:03

Main Asset File Size: 0.03 GB

Rights Information:

  • Media Rights: All manner and media
  • Territory (*Please note: all internet exploitation of this program must be geo-limited to the specified territory): Worldwide
  • Term: In Perpetuity
  • Releases: Unlimited
  • Editing Allowed?: Yes
  • Digital Classroom Rights: Yes
  • Promotional Use: Yes

Sensitive Material: N/A

Special Instructions: N/A

Language: English


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