Vietnam to Montana: Memories of War


A six-part series about the Vietnam War. A broadcast-ready version is above, complete with bars & tone. To download the individual segments, please scroll below this description and see Additional Videos. ALL RIGHTS INFORMATION APPLIES TO THE INDIVIDUAL SEGMENTS.

Even after they came home from the war, Vietnam veterans had another battle to face. Montana Veterans talk about the emotional toll the War took on them and how they cope, decades later, with the memories.

For a Veteran, visiting a war memorial can be an intensely emotional experience. Montana Vietnam Veterans discuss the importance of War memorials; not just to remember those lost, but to learn from the past.

One Vietnam Veteran explains why he joined protests at the University of Montana after returning home from the front lines, while another Veteran says he felt targeted by protestors when he came home.

Where were the women in the Vietnam War? Lieutenant Diane Carlson Evans was among more than 10,000 nurses who served. She describes the horrors and tragedy she witnessed while in Vietnam, and her ongoing struggle with memories of war.

15 years after serving as a nurse in Vietnam, Lieutenant Diane Carlson Evans still struggled with the grief of war. Creating the Vietnam Women’s Memorial in Washington D.C. would take years of advocacy, but would be the key to her healing.

It was called the Secret War by the CIA; thousands of Hmong people in the Mountains of Laos helped the American Government during the Vietnam War. When Laos fell to the communists, the CIA managed to get some of them out. Va Moa Vang gives a harrowing account of her escape from Laos.

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