Camp TV: Localization Graphics Package


Attached are various graphic assets for the children's television series Camp TV. The Camp TV theme song is also included.

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All assets here are for worldwide distribution in all manner and media in perpetuity.


Title: Camp TV: Localization Graphics Package

Format: Video

Clean of Graphics: No

Type: B-Roll

Subject(s): Coronavirus, At Home Learning, Camp TV, Education

Public Broadcasting Station or Institution: Thirteen

Original Broadcast/Publish Date: 07/13/2020

Runtime: 00:00:10

Main Asset File Size: 0.07 GB

Rights Information:

  • Media Rights: All manner and media
  • Territory (*Please note: all internet exploitation of this program must be geo-limited to the specified territory): Worldwide
  • Expires: 06/20/2025
  • Releases: Unlimited
  • Editing Allowed?: Yes
  • Digital Classroom Rights: Yes
  • Promotional Use: Yes

Sensitive Material: N/A

Special Instructions: N/A

Language: English


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