Asian American Life, Season 6, Episode 9


Many Asian Americans are at risk for post traumatic stress disorder. How can you spot the warning signs? Minnie Roh has a special report.
*Rayner Ramirez has local reaction to the fatal terrorist bombing attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday 2019. He talked to a New Yorker whose sister was killed.
*It's been 70 years since the communist revolution in China. Kyung Yoon sat down with journalist and activist Helen Zia about her new book "Last Boat Out of Shanghai."
*He was the first person of color to win a Tony Award for Best Costume Design of a play. CUNY-TV's Patrick Pechecko talks to Clint Ramos, the multiple award winning Filipino American designer about his career in show biz.
*And finally, diversity in Hollywood is a hot topic and one we have tackled on our show. It's also the theme here at Pearl River Mart's gallery #starringjohncho: The Call for an American Lead.

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