The Plate Show Episode 6 - Let's Challah!



Spoonie is excited to make challah bread for her beloved Aunt Mitzi, the oven mitt, but is astounded to realize just how long it takes. Will Spoonie finish before Aunt Mitzi arrives? Special guest Elyssa Heller joins to talk about Jewish food, both traditional and modern, and kid guest Juliet shares her favorite food, latkes, for the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah!

Elyssa Heller started Edith's as a panemic-born sandwich shop inside of the Brooklyn institution, Paulie Gee's pizzeria. Named after her Great-Aunt Edith, Edith's was supposed to last just six weeks and was started with $8,000 of savings. The pop-up immediately went viral, its twists on classic Jewish comfort food enabling Edith's to become a permanent jewel-sized sandwich shop in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. Edith's brings global Jewish flavors to the forefront of New York's culinary landscape and offers food influenced by the Jewish diaspora, exploring the flavors and cultural experience of Jewish cuisine. Elyssa's goal with Edith's is to create an empire built on delicious sandwiches, bringing global Jewish food to everyone.

A born and bred Chicagoan (but New Yorker for the last decade) Elyssa grew up on smoked chubbs and loved spending Sundays at the deli with family. She is a retired Canadian volleyball player and graduated from Queen's University. Elyssa lives in Brooklyn with her dog Murray (named after Bill) and you can often find her behind the register slinging sandwiches.

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