American Portrait: WVIA The Story of Us


Raised in a Bhutanese refugee camp in Nepal, Krishna Rai always dreamed of a better life. In 2009, he emigrated to America, where he eventually became a citizen and achieved the American Dream of purchasing a home and owning a successful store and restaurant.

As a college graduate, Judge Thomas P. Munley never expected to end up on the battlefields of Vietnam in 1969. After a terrifying tour of duty, he returned to America and realized his dream of becoming a successful lawyer and, eventually, an elected Judge.

Helping run a dairy farm that dates back to the early 1900s, Dana Empet and her family are proud to play an important part in making sure that both the family farm and our great American agricultural traditions remain vital in helping feed our country.

When her Latino parents moved her to Northeastern Pennsylvania during the early 2000s, a young Alba “Gigi” Perez endured racism and open hostility. Now an adult, she uses her strength of character and creativity to change the hearts and minds in her community as a successful artist and business owner.

As an African American and LGBT+ senior high school student, Nevaeh Williams has big dreams. These include putting her amazing talents for singing and drama to good use by supporting those who feel marginalized and alone and helping America to become more united.


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