Vietnam Moratorium


Summary: The complete reel is shot at night. VS, demonstrators mill about in streets. They wave Viet Cong flags, North Vietnamese flags, red flags, banners and signs. VS, jeeps with MPs drive slowly along street. VS, demonstrators carry candles and placards as they march. VS, lines of police patrol street. VS, police arrest some of the demonstrators and place them in an army bus. VS, police use teargas. VS, overturned tables in streets. VS, burning debris. VS, convoy of MP jeeps. VS, lines advance on demonstrators VS, police make additional arrests. VS, policeman questions demonstrators before placing them in patrol wagon. VS, police wagon loaded with demonstrators pulls away. VS, female parade marshall talks over walkie-talkie. VS, male parade marshall directs marchers. VS, demonstrators place placards in empty caskets. VS men playing drums.


Title: Vietnam Moratorium

Type: B-Roll

Subject(s): Vietnam

Public Broadcasting Station or Institution: Public Domain

Original Broadcast/Publish Date: 01/01/1969

Runtime: 00:23:13

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  • Media Rights: All manner and media
  • Territory (*Please note: all internet exploitation of this program must be geo-limited to the specified territory): Worldwide
  • Term: In Perpetuity
  • Editing Allowed?: Yes
  • Digital Classroom Rights: Yes
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